Canyon Lakes Water Company (CLWC) distributes and / or supplies pressurized irrigation water to respective Canyon Lakes homeowners and Canyon Lakes Property Owners Association common areas. The Bureau of Land Management dictates daily how much water the Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) can divert from the Yakima River during the irrigating season. KID then dictates daily how much irrigation water can be supplied from their canal systems to CLWC. From there, CLWC distributes available irrigation water as efficiently as possible to its respective customers.

Mainline Service Information 4-21-2017


The South Hill - On
The Villas - On
Loden Greens -On
Condos at Canyon Lakes - On
The North Side - On
Misc Area - On

Additional Information

Canyon Lakes Water Company has added an irrigation map on the link below. Homeowners and CLPOA common areas can now determine what "irrigation section" they are in, and can easily reference the map to see where specific outages occur. Please Click Here for the CLWC map.

All 2017 Irrigation Assessments are now due.


In case of irrigation mainline flooding only please call:

Primary Contact: Kim Brock at (509) 430-6771.

Any other maintenance related questions please e-mail


For questions related to billing please call:

Primary Contact: Don or Kathy at (509) 586-8125

Any other billing related questions please e-mail