Canyon Lakes
Men's Club Ryder Cup
(Young Guns vs Wise Guys)
Sunday, April 14

The top 20 men under 50 (Young Guns) will compete with the top 20 men 50 and over (Wise Guys) in a four-ball format (best ball) using respective handicaps.  The top guys will include the 2018 Men's Club Champion Arnell Garza and the Seniors' Club Champion Ken Wade.  The remaining 19 must be current Men's Club Members and will be based on the leading money list at the conclusion of the Coca-Cola Canyon Lakes Ball Buster on November 4.  If any of the top 19 can't make it then we will go down the list.
Entry fee $25.  Winning team takes all the entry fees plus the $1,000 added by the Canyon Lakes Men’s Club.  This gives all 20 Members on the winning team $100.  Good luck Wise Guys! 


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